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Is pain keeping you from enjoying the activities you love?
Have you been told there is nothing you can do about it and should just learn to live with it? There is something you can do other than pills, rest, or even surgery.

Let us show you how combining Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy can help you enhance your health and wellness, so you can remain active and find pain relief.

We combine our years of experience in physical therapy and massage therapy to give you a comprehensive approach to your healthcare needs.

The human body has its own wisdom along with its incredible ability to heal itself.  We offer the ability to give the body its optimal environment for this healing.

Call us to discuss what options are available to you so you can feel better now.

Malia Grimes, PT, MOMT, LMBT NC PT6663  LMBT3966

Tonya Younts, LMBT NC#16718


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